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Fairytale Athletics
Whether you are planning on participating in a RunDisney Marathon at Walt Disney World or looking to add some character to your neighborhood run, Fairytale Athletics has the high-performance gear to get you there in style!
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There’s no sport quite like running. Whatever happens on your run, it’s all you: your goals, your dedication, your spirit, and your style. You bring your A-game; Fairytale Athletics brings the super-cute gear you need to show the world what you have inside. 

If you’re ready to sprinkle some happiness into your run, you’ve come to the right place. Our Disney-inspired leggings and running skirts are your ticket to making it happen. Made from high-quality, wicking fabrics, our fresh, bold designs add a spring of inspiration to your step as they support both your body and spirit. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too.

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